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About Us

Amira is one of the people that is passionate about art. When she was a little girl, she has always had her pen in her hand and was always drawing because she was trying to do what her father used to; as her father was one of the famous artists in the country with his gallery shop. As she was growing up, she discovered that art is her life. She decided to study art and thanks to her family for they have helped her grow with her passion for art. She graduated from the University of Art in Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree. She got married and now she finds all her support from her husband to transmit her love in the art to everyone in the world.

As an artist she always saying art is not just a picture on a wall, art is a testimony of the human condition, as every aspect of humanity can be expressed through art. Art is what makes you breathe a different kind of happiness.


About Gallery

As we are in the 21st century with the boom of IoT, AI, Blockchain, VR, Cryptocurrency, and now ARTWORK! With all of this development, everything has been changed even the art, but the experience remains, the quality, the art school, gallery, and the museums through the years to transmit to the people “The different kind of happiness”.

Amira Fine Art gallery online powered by FSH Empire, established in 2014 to deliver the museum-quality directly to your home, whatever you are! We made it simple, easy, secured, affordable, and professional to have one of the special pieces in the world. Our artwork is not just to deliver quality, experience, and satisfaction but to deliver trust.


We are here full of energy to change the world, we have the experience to develop the artwork system from the old traditional way to the new era. Stay tuned for more surprises coming up....!!